Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Beaumont Concreting have the capacity to complete this project?

    Yes. Beaumont Concreting has a crew of 11 men. We can facilitate projects anywhere between 5-150 units. With this workforce we can cater to your project whilst upholding the highest of standards.

  • Can Beaumont Concreting stay and work to a specific program?

    Absolutely. Beaumont Concreting understands the sensitivity of timing in the construction industry. We have dedicated project and operations managers to ensure works are completed on time. Beaumont believes that communication is key and will continually interact with each builder and onsite foreman guarantee completion.

  • What systems and process does Beaumont Concreting have in place to ensure accuracy?

    During each stage of the project our operations manager will complete inspection test plans or ITP’s to maintain quality control. Preforming these checks throughout each stage ensures mistakes are quickly rectified then verified. In addition to ITP’s, members of the crew complete pre and post pour checklist that confirm heights, steel and concrete placement methods are adhered to.

For our residential customers common questions include:
  • What is the process to starting a new project and how long can I expect it to take?

    Beaumont Concreting will conduct an obligation free quote and once approved works can begin. It usually starts with site excavation followed with spreading subgrade dust. We then form up the area, place steel and then pour the concrete. The concrete will set the same day and we can strip the formwork and finish the concrete to your liking. The entire project can take between 3-5 days.

  • What kind of finishes styles are available for concrete?

    There are multiple finishes that can enhance your space, setting you apart from your neighbours. For swirly patterns we can cove the concrete or if its straight lines you are after we will finish the concrete with a broom. Within the concrete mixture you can request different colours or exposed aggregate which is stones. Click on the link below to our Instagram page for pictures or click the Holcim website to see the wide colour range available.



  • What strength concrete do I need?

    The strength of concrete depends on what will driving on top. For general drives ways 25/20mpa will be used. If trucks and boats are parked on the area 32/20mpa is best.

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