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Beaumont Concreting’s commercial concrete slabs are supreme. Currently working on projects with PBS Building, Cockram, Project Coordination and ION Build, we are concreting the foundation slabs for nursing homes, multi-unit developments and car yards. Beaumont Concreting are the leading concrete specialist that have the workforce to produce the highest quality and finish. Our team of highly skilled concreters specialise in concrete design finishes using trowel machinery and hand trowelling tools to create the smoothest, flattest concrete slab in Canberra! Continually moving forward in the industry, Beaumont Concreting uses MSB Form when forming slabs. A lightweight, adjustable solid steel formwork system that generates flawlessly straight drop edges, minimise defects and setbacks, and ultimately advancing project scheduling due to our preparing and stripping process time cut in half. We are the only concrete company in Canberra to use this advanced system and couldn’t be prouder!

Earthworks and excavation are all a part of the commercial contract. Beaumont Concreting’s machinery operator brings with him over 25 years’ experience in the building construction industry and understands the importance of accurate site cuts. Our fleet includes a 1.3m wide bobcat perfect for base gravel and earth moving and a 3tonne excavator with auger attachment for pier hole drilling. In commercial slab contracts, Beaumont Concreting appreciates the importance of providing all services possible to reduce coordination in multiple trades and minimise delays due to inaccuracy, thus streamlining your project.

Safety is paramount at Beaumont Concreting. Being a proud member of the Master Builder Association and employing a WH&S officer full time, we are able to ensure up to date training for all staff members, provide site specific WH&S documents, preform pre and post pour inspections. We work hard to continually and constantly assess safety measures by holding regular toolbox talks; considering day to day procedures and evaluating work methods, whilst always working with you, the builder to safeguard everyone involved.

Beaumont Concreting is just the company you are looking for your next big development. Lead by Nathan Beaumont, owner and director, our team is knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to getting the job done without delay. Reliable, efficient and always providing a superior quality standard.

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