When preparing for a concrete house slab or driveway, Beaumont Concreting has a 3-tonne excavator that can be used to remove existing concrete or to cut earth away. Our skilled operator, Don Beaumont brings with him over 25 years’ experience in the building construction industry. He ensures accurate site cuts minimising delays and setbacks, furthermore reducing the coordination between multiple trades.

Pier hole digging

Pending soil classification, pier holes may be needed to increase the structural stability of the ground slab. Beaumont Concreting has an auger attachment to the excavator that can be used.


This 1.3m wide bobcat is a valuable part of Beaumont Concreting’s team. Its size means it’s a quick and efficient piece of machinery able to move and flatten ground and dust prior to the construction of formwork, ensuring precise and level earth. Operated by skilled members of Beaumont Concreting, the project is promised smooth sailing right from the beginning.

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