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Beaumont Concreting’s team of dedicated concrete specialist can assist you in building your next project. Whether it be a new concrete driveway, a granny flat, basement slab or garage slab, we have the best team in Canberra. We understand that concrete construction may not be your lingo, but it’s ours and we love it! After deciding that you are ready to start that new project, it’s the questions that follow that require Beaumont Concreting’s concrete interpreter. What strength concrete do you need? Do you need steel to reinforce the slab? What kind of soil lays underneath the existing concrete driveway?

Beaumont Concreting’s team is led by Nathan Beaumont, owner and director. With 10 years’ experience in the industry, Nathan has just about seen it all. Always up to date with the Australian code of standard, Nathan assess each site and the preparation needed before forming the concrete slab. Once the finer details are determined, we organise and supply all materials, form the concrete boxing, lay the concrete and finish the concrete. Leaving you to decide only on the colour and concrete design finish. That’s right, it’s possible to finish the concrete with different effects! Cover finishes, broom finishes or acid washed stone. Check out our gallery to see options available

Beaumont Concreting’s team is professional, reliable and committed to your project. We are the industry leaders for all things concrete in Canberra. Working alongside home owners and builders to guarantee customer satisfaction.


waffle slab foundation is an above-ground type of foundation used to provide load-bearing capacity in expansive, rocky or hydro collapsible soils. The foundation is created by placing a series of single-use plastic forms set directly on the ground to create a grid of ribs, then pouring a post tensioned or rebar concrete slab, usually 4 to 8 inches thick. Sometimes, expanded polystyrene blocks are used instead of plastic forms, to prevent air spaces under the slab. The completed slab then sits on the ground, bearing on the ribs created between the forms. The void areas underneath the slab allow for soil movement.

The concrete strength will vary depending on soil test results and what the engineer has specified, 20Mpa and 25Mpa are the most commonly used concrete strength.

The waffle slab Canberra foundation is very stiff, with strength to resist differential swelling as a result from landscaping, surface drainage, or flooding from any source.


We have a range of decorative concrete services available for domestic jobs. Decorative concrete continues to grow in popularity and is now one of the most fashionable modern finishes available.
Exposed aggregate and coloured concrete is a great way to bring life into concrete. Speak with us directly about how to spruce up your concrete finishes, or check out our instagram for more information.

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